Health Coach Adam

I am a trainer working in South London and Surrey Area, I specialise in Injury Rehabilitation, Postural Correction and Exercise Referral

About Me

I have been within the industry for nearly a decade, working around the world, I started Training Clients in London, then focused my growth in New York, Every step I have learned and developed myself as a trainer and I'm constantly improving my knowledge from experiences within this industry.

How can I help you?

I am a trainer with a well rounded approach, I train different types of clientele from athletes to the elderly. I have a particular interest on making the human body as efficient as possible. This includes the muscles that helps you move as well as the muscles that make you look good. My approach means no matter how you want to train I can accommodate for you and use my different training styles to maximise results and your enjoyment.

It is essential for you to understand you body, and not just what sub-category or somatotype it is. How do your muscles MOVE and exert force? This is essential for identifying weaker areas and any pain triggers which we can work around to reduce the imbalance. This will often form incorrect movement patterns which we can practice and by strengthening the essential muscles, will reduce pain long term and can optimise peak performance.

Personal Training

Training should be a balance of all the components of fitness and over my life I have practiced, studied and subsequently helped a lot of people achieve there goals. Whether this is getting a PB, running a 5km or becoming pain free. No matter how unachievable your goals may seem, I can be the help you need!

Why Me? What Do I Know?

I am currently working with Surreys Exersise Referral scheme in which I work very closely with physiotherapists and osteopaths to deliver safe and effective plans to help rehabilitate or manage pain and conditions. Alongside this I am also Delivering 1-2-1 sessions and a variety of classes each week at different studios and health clubs around Surrey ranging from rehab wellness sessions, Spinning, Boxing, TRX and HITT classes.

This season I have worked as the Injury Specialist for Cobham FC ensuring the players are warmed up appropriately, ensuring maximum performance and decrease the risk of injury by massaging effected areas.

Additional Fitness Qualifications

• Exercise Referral Lv3
• Strength and Conditioning Sports Coaching Lv3
• Sports Massage Therapist Lv3
• UFC Accredited Coach
• Personal Trainer Lv3
• Spinning Instructor
• Kettlebell Instructor
• Circuit Instructor
• Metafit Instuctor UK
• Youth + Adolescence Training Lv2

Pricing and Options

Pricing normally ranges in between £35-£60 per hour depending on the package you choose.

Pricing very much depends on you, and your level of commitment, Block bookings and repeat business can also reduce session prices up to 25%.

I offer a free consultation in which we look at goals/needs, basic fitness and movement testing, A full body assessment with personalised exercises followed by stretches to furthermore identify any considerations when planning how best to work towards your goals.

Book in a Free Consultaion

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